Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekly summary - 174th week

My latest photos was posted last eek. You guys can see if there is any improvement from previous. Currently I have been with Proepcia/ proscar and Rogiane/ Kirkland Minoxidil.
I used to write about Beijing 101 in Singapore as claimed to have minoxidil in their tonics that sold to their customer.
It shows two things:
1. Herbal treatment is rubbish, just a way to cheat you and me.
2. Minoxidil is working to grow your hair, and this is why Beijing 101 put minoxidil in their hair tonic.
I believe Yun Nam is doing the same, do you believe it? I even suspect the pills that claimed as a supplement for your hair also contain some Propecia. If this is the case, I do not see why people need to go to this hair care center. They may well save their time to stay at home and no need to waste RM 10k per year yet getting no result.

If you suffer Male pattern hairloss, I suggest you start using Propecia + Rogaine right now. If it doesn't help, so do Beijing 101 and Yun Nam.

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Regaine Foam said...

ya regaine foam do help in regrowth of hair because of the minoxidil drug.


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