Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Weekly summary - 124th week -- Do not spam my blog with your ads

darren said...

hi can u teach me how to buy minoxidil 5% from my problem is i have key in my address then it came out a massage saying cannot delivered to my address. is it my address incomplete?

I guess you must choose the Asia Pacific as the abbreviation in the address. Once you solve it, it will be OK. I personally stuck with the address quite a while too.

I really feel annoy of some of the insincere readers spam my blog with all of unrelated comment related to hair loss. I hate people promoting their high yield earning scheme here. I hate people keep on promoting their products here. My blog is not your promoting platform. Please do not let me wasting time deleting all of those rubbish in my blog. It is just wasting of the resources. Most importantly, this is not a blog that draws thousands of readers per day. In fact, this blog just targeting male that suffer hair loss and you know, it is not so many readers that follow my blog.
Back to hair loss again. I have just cut my hair short and I feel more confident now as I feel I have more hair. Yes, just I feel only. At least, the hair stylist did not comment anything of my hair. It made me feel much better as may be I am treated as normal people?
Regarding of the readers that tell RM220 for Proscar, it is a bit expensive. You can get at RM 198 in Watson. Caring also a bout the price. Beware of Guardian as you are requested to perform your prescription to purchase Proscar. I would avoid it unless you manage to get a Proscar prescription from your doctor.


Josh Hallstrom said...

I have to agree that if you leave your hair long, it's possible to have that old man, wispy looking head of hair that looks like you are trying to hide something.

I haven't used any finasteride products like Proscar, but I'm definitely down with Provillus.

ultrastar said...

hi bro, how ur progress recently ?
i juz brought proscar rm180 & regro rm125 at maxheal.

besides i got an question regarding ur study of mba at mmu ..
at mmu u need to finish ur core subject then onli can processed to specilization subject ?

Jason said...


Where u get proscar in low price?
my progress is quite stratifying recently.
Why not buy ur minoxidil in amazon or ebay, much cheaper indeed.

I think u should take the core courses initially although there are not much relevant actually

Anonymous said...

Easily I assent to but I dream the collection should acquire more info then it has.

ultrastar said...

i get from farmasi maxheal s/b
located at danau business centre..

because i still confuse whether wanna majoring in "international business" or "global marketing".....
but not at mmu la.....

Anonymous said...

If you suffer from hair loss, hair implants may be one way to help you.
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Jason said...

which college u plan to attend.
I just got my last sem result, bad result this time, only one A- with two Bs...
GPA drop till 3.5 already.

ultrastar said...

msu ok ahh ?
near my home.....
"international business" or "global marketing".....?
for specialization

bkcollection said...

if without concern of the business school name, MUS is fine..I attended their preview, impress me a lot. The price is reasonable.
But I choose the one which near my house.


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