Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weekly summary - 122th week

This is the photo of my hair. It is a bit of miniature hair which is longer and stronger than before. I do not know how long the miniature hair or baby hair will be grown. It may be just another false impression that current regime, Kirkland minoxidil 5% + Propecia (Proscar) combine are working well. I can said, minoxidil is effective in frontal as well. Of course to recover all your hair is impossible.
It is a photos after two months with minoxidil and Proscar 1.25mg.
If minoxidil is effective, I may be regretted to use it only after so long. I think we guys should be more courage to take action like taking Propecia and Minoxidil rather than put our hope in Yun Nam, I am one of the victim and I hope there no people will be cheated by them (which is impossible as they published a lot of ads in TV and nespaper). Give it a try as it may effective to you and it does not cost you RM 5k to 10k.
However, some readers ask about woman hairloss. My suggestion is go for topical minoxidil for female. I do not know the effctiveness but give it a try insetad of those haircare center. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

your hair does look thick i don't know if that's becoz of qualityy of the picture. But the M shaped forehead doesn't look as M as before, at least froom that angle!

Anonymous said...

post more photos..
the photo bottom is taken with flash..
while this one is not..

Eclipse said...

do you experience any side effects? especially on sex performance..

Anonymous said...

Keep on posting such articles. I love to read stories like this. By the way add more pics :)

Jason said...

Yupe...side effects is lower libido

Anonymous said...

hey, your hair looks pretty much ok to me.. i guess your effort really kicked off well..

anyway, great blog you have here.. your persistent to halting hair loss is amazingly the same as keeping updating this blog.

well done!

casper_thefriendlyghost said...

Dude, i am not sure this could help, do you exercise often ? I mean exercise is also a form of letting your body feel active,that might help in your sexual drive.



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