Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekly Summary - 28th week

It is 28th weeks on Propecia medication.
It is true that hairloss has been reduced, miniature hair also grows in the frontal, but it is not so obvious.
One thing to concern about my miniature hair is will it drops after several months later? I have found some miniature hair drops until today. May be 2-3 strands per day. The same thing happen when I was doing my treatment at Yun Nam Haircare. The miniature hair or they call it baby hair grow for several months, and then it grows and falls. Eventually, I lost more hair during the period of treatment.

One thing that is good is after using Audace PH shampoo, my oily scalp has improved. It is not that oily any more. I suggest you all that facing hair loss to take care your scalp. Besides taking Propecia, it is important to take care your scalp so that the hair can grow healthier, at least I believe so and it is what I do.
The drawback is really of low libido. It seems to improve a bit one week and it backs to the same the next week. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

thanks for updating!!!
i have ordered proscar...
cant wait to try it

from kl

Jason said...

next time put a nickname so that next time I can recognised you next time you leave a comment here.
Good luck man

drkdude said...

its a good sign..congrates!


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